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Big Valley septic tanks

A properly functioning septic tank is vital to the health and safety of your family in Big Valley. Don’t wait for serious problems to occur before you call Lever Action Sand & Gravel to inspect, repair or provide a completely new installation of your septic system. If you have an older home, or if you’ve recently begun construction on a new one, Lever Action Sand & Gravel is ready with the knowledge and equipment you require to ensure that your septic tank and drainage system functions at peak efficiency.

If you live anywhere in the Big Valley region, where access to sewage services is not provided, our experienced excavation crew can help you determine the best options for dependable everyday usage.

Emergency septic tank inspection

Call Lever Action Sand & Gravel immediately for an emergency inspection at (403) 741-7347 if you detect any foul odor signaling a malfunction with your existing septic tank.

Excavation services for septic tank installation - Lever Action Sand & Gravel operates as a full service excavation company in the Big Valley region and specializes in the design and construction of a septic system and drainage field adapted to your property and specific needs.

Septic tank design and installation - From the first soil sample through to the design and installation, our experienced work crew is available to evaluate, plan, or inspect and repair your septic tank, in addition to handling all the paperwork for obtaining the necessary permits required in Big Valley.

Environmentally friendly options

Installation of a septic system protects your home and is vital to the proper maintenance of essential sanitary conditions that offer peace of mind. We work closely with residents in the Big Valley region to provide environmentally friendly septic tanks that are secure and truly meet their needs.

Learn more about septic tank excavation and removal by calling (403) 741-7347